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The Omega Man (1971)

British DVD Cover
The Omega Man
What a classic movie this is....
based on the (book) I Am Legend 
(yes that thing they later made with will smith)
And also that same book that inspired (George A. Romero's - Night of The Living Dead) came this 1971 classic The Omega Man starring Charlton Heston as Dr. Robert Neville. The world as we knew it has ended "but then we know that... that is why your on my blog" anyways Nevil is the last, and apparently normal, human being left upon the world, yet crazed people come out at night and are determined to kill him and end everything they think he stands for.  Robert is an enemy of the new world because he is, as referred to, "A Creature of The Wheel" A man from a time were technology ruled the world, a time were people worked hard... to improve on ways that could end mankind's existence on this planet....

 Living that dream of having the whole world to your self  "but only between sun up and sundown"  and then being in the dark will get you cornered,  over powered and then killed.. by a group of infected psychotic survivors who can only go out at night...The brothers and sisters will burn you if they catch you... because you stand for everything that has passed....

They will stop at nothing to capture and burn that infernal user of engines and machinery, an exploiter of the evil forbidden things that led to an evolution point, which destroyed the world.  They will cleanse the city's with fire, burning books & buildings that contain any records of man's history and achievements. Destruction of all technological knowledge

One can't help but think... that the Writer of the "The Omega Man" looked long and hard at the "I Am Legend" book and probably looked deep into "The Last Man On Earth" before making this film....
Then took the more traditional path towards the story.... (Unlike "The Night of The Living Dead"  that kinda broached on Dracula's thirst for blood turned into a thirst for brains and swapped that desire for love eternal into a case of bad hygiene and a desire to eat brains, then multiplied that by a global level)

But in the omega man your given the sense that all is ok when your out of a day... but be sure to be home before dark, because when the sun sets the "Family" will get you.. That's them psychotic survivors, the crazed brothers and sisters led by Matthias, a former news reporter who plans to rid the world of the old ways to bring forth a new world...

Alone by day, tormented by night Dr. Robert Neville is apparently immune to a disease that's crippled the world. When he traveling with an experimental serum the helicopter pilot comes down with the disease, when the helicopter crashes Neville injects himself with the experimental cure which saves him, yet does have some side effects that he's trying to deal with.

He has moments were all's he can hear is ringing and he has to convince him self their are no phones ringing and then it seams to pass.. but its clear the cure needs work and the best way to test it is on those who are infected...

Matthias The Reporter
Matthias The Family Leader

Neville has tried to cure one of them, but it ended very badly and with Matthias hell bent on destroying that one last regular human, well it leaves Neville with no choice but to seek them out, find them first...  and exterminate them during daylight hours while its safe to hunt them, because come night fall, the hunt is on for him and he isn't hiding of a night, unlike they do of a day.

I guess if we had the whole world to our selves we would live where ever we wanted to, yet Neville lives were he has always lived and he is determined to stay their, all be it the constant attacks every night on him and his home turned fortress.The lights keep them at bay, but fuel wont last forever and traveling further each time will result in returning in darkness.

Neville The Scientist
Neville The Survivor

Soul Survivor Benefits.. Grab a new car any time you please

So the cause?.... when Russia strikes America with missiles carrying germ warfare, the Americans assume their nuclear weapons and shoot them down. Sadly when they realize their viral weapons its to late and the American military end up releasing the Viral payload's in the air which causes a faster viral spread than what would of happened upon a basic impact.

Clearly more money went into this than "The Last Man On Earth" and this film goes into much more detail, yet i still find the older version just as enjoyable as this, even though they both lack so much, their both really still worth a watch, this and the older version sit in my top 10 of The End Of Man collection.

Off To Watch Woodstock Held Over For A 3rd Year.....

An Empty City

Home Sweet Home the Parking Level
May Make You Wish You Where The Soul Survivor
Things You See When Shopping
He's The Man....
Let There Be Light
Look.... There Goes One Of Them Now....
The film also features a superb music score for its time to.........
Some of the music has been put into a video clip & slide show based video on YouTube here
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Omega Man Sound Track Front
Omega Man Sound Track Front

 The Soundtrack is also Avalible on iTunes

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