Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Day After (1983)

British DVD Cover

The Day After... This kinda follows on the lines of "Threads" only it avoids the documentary and informative basis and lays it down as a movie of   "What If"  Its the same concept as the British 2 part video called  "Threads"

An oddly cast Steve Guttenberg best known for Mahony on Police Academy and he starred in the classic film Short Circuit Anyways.. he portrays a guy just trying to survive and help out. He did pretty will in such a serious role & shone new light on his acting ability.

You can watch the Original Official Trailer Here
You can watch the Original Roadshow Trailer Here

You can watch the Original Official Movie Here
You can Also watch the Original Official Movie Here
You can Also watch the Original Official Movie Here
Rare - The Day After 1983 ABC Theater Intro Here


The Walking Dead CBS Mini Series

With a stack of comics already out & a stack of fans to match.. It's not really surprising this classic comic book tale became a Tv Series.

Although the series is based on the comics there are differences including the inclusion of a character not featured in the comic book series.

One of the main downsides of this show is its "Official Website"  is "Blocked"  by AMC to anyone in the UK.  AND Even Worse.. when you by the UK Region 2 DVDs they are cut and lack large sections of scenes removing the majority of the action.

This has forced most people to either Buy the USA Region 1 dvds or download Torrent versions of the show after they air on AMC.

Front & Back Comic Cover - The Walking Dead 001 - Special Edition

Other Titles In The Series

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Living After The Aftermath (teaser)

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