Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Dead Set (2008)

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Dead Set is an E4/Channel 4 production based on the house mates of the Big Brother reality Tv Show.  It follows the normal rules of the Big Brother House, even has the BB shows host Davina McCall, that is... up to the point were zombies start eating the crowd that's gathered outside to Cheer & Boo house mates as their evicted.

The house mates can hear the chaos outside, but then that's nothing unusual for eviction night... So all seams kinda normal for the housemates... that is... until the morning alarm doesn't go off... and no ones talking behind the glass in the Diary Room....

Oo00o00o and not forgetting Davina has become a member of the Living Dead, a flesh munching psycho that wont just evict you... she'll eat you to...

Davina McCall, Big Brother Hostess Gone Psycho

The Series is Officially On The 4oDDrama YouTube Channel Here

YouTube Mirror Links:
Watch Episode 01 Here
Watch Episode 02 Here
Watch Episode 03 Here
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Watch Episode 05 Here

There is also another Trailer for it Here

Big Brothers Watching
Inside The House

The show kicks off with a party in the house and the shows producer being a total ahole, we are unsure if that was a reflection on the shows real producer... or if he was just destined to be the "Shark.. don't worry we don't need to close the beach" kinda guy... But he certainly is annoying...

Not Your Typical Looking Group Of Post Apocalyptic Survivors

This story features Running Zombies, like "28 Days Later" as apposed to our infamous George A. Romero Style slow and clumsy Zombie's.  But then zombies that run just add to the tension and fright aspect of the show (and is always a more feasible reason why an infection could spread so fast and decimate the population on a larger scale in such a short time) So in this series.. their hot on your heals and hungry for Brainsszzz.

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  1. I have always liked this little series, granted its not perfect. But like shaun of the dead, it kinda shows the difference being in england (nothing to do with being british, this aint no we are better or worse debate here) The simple truth is every other shop hasn't got a gun under the counter here.. Every other house here doesn't have a lock box with dads old service revolver or an AK47 your older brother brought back from the gulf... Guns are limited in the uk & ive always felt that changes the game plan massively. Even if you hit an army base, have you heard the horror stories of the SA80 lol. Lot of people have replica swords (though that is coming to an end) even then most would break off at the hilt with the cheep rats tail tang... To which u gotta ask ur self, Just how would the english fair during an undead disaster with barely any weapons. Would we maybe line up containers, then put up fences, dig massive holes behind them, then funnel them through a turnstyle, tax them on the way to the pit lol, would our own gov use innocent people as bait within the pits?.. u feckin bet ya they would : /


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