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Survival of The Dead (2009)

UK DVD Box Front

The box slates this as "Romero's best zombie film since Dawn of The Dead"  Sadly i don't agree with that one, i personally think "Diary of The Dead" was much better than Survival of The Dead.   Diary of was fresh and it was new and gave us a new twist on the beginning of it all. Distributors should NOT state that crap on a box that's also packaged with ZERO extras to...

This movie actually follows Diary of The Dead and even shows flash backs to it where the soldiers robbed all the supplies from the film students. Making the soldier look pretty bad, the fact the video went viral all over the web also meant that everyone knew who he was and what he did...

Meaning it was time to find a quiet little island somewhere where no one knows who they are... 

Being a leader has its responsibilities, but then being a human being also comes with moral obligations (for some of us anyway) Granted that a large stack of the worlds population are nothing but self scented sh*t bags only out for them selves... I knew a couple of them kinda people but i distance my self from them and they can kiss my A$$...

I guess for the sarge it's hard to make amends for what he did, but at-least he regrets what he did, unlike some people out their. So for him and his men its time for a fresh start, somewhere new, somewhere their unknown... Although a fresh start doesn't change what you did in the past, it only counts on what you do in the future to make amends for previous transgressions.

It's been less than a week since it began and the human race is loosing the war, people are to busy fighting each other and stealing from each other, while the zombie population is growing faster by the day (the night, the dawn and across the land)  Our time here is running out and unless we band together, then The Human Race Is Finished..

While your watching this, you could intermix the time frame with the 2004 Dawn of the Dead (although clearly these zombies don't run) but you always have that "only the fresh ones can run" concept. 

Im always looking for that longer story, i thought AMC's The Walking Dead would give me that, but even that's lapsed into poor story's as its gone on.

The thing with this island their heading for is people already live their, this isn't some long lost location untouched by the dead... Granted its remote enough to control the dead, but these are the homes of people who have lived their for generations...
And places like that don't tend to like outsiders at the best of times... 
And this sure isn't the best of times....

When faced with two children who have become zombies, it takes a strong individual to put them both down, and when the parents get in the way of that, it's not long before a community becomes trapped and paranoid of each other. An island is a prison when you have guards and your trapped their. Its true that it maybe safer than the outside world, but for how long...

The O'Flynn's
The Muldoon's

While The O'Flynn's want to clean up and get rid of the dead, The Muldoon's think someone somewhere will find a cure, this adds to tension on the island and a risk of those waiting to be cured breaking free and killing the remaining survivors.

To banish a clan member in a boat seams odd, yet to be banished is a formal tradition with clans. But then... clearly letting them leave in a boat just means nothing stops them coming back at a later date for revenge...
And you can be sure with all traditions, being banished from your home will just make you more determined to return and reclaim your land..

The Captain decides to do a Pod Cast of sorts, inviting people to come and join him (no doubt trying to build an army to re-take the island) but its intriguing enough for the soldiers to want to go and have a look at what Captain Courageous has to offer. So off they go in an armored car to find this  Captain O'Flynn.

Just Suck On This Fire Extinguisher
Just Pull The Pin and Press The Handle

Grab a car ferry and away you go...
I guess if your looking for a boat, then why not take one you can put cars onto...

Just be sure to check the cabins and the cars to make sure theirs no stowaways waiting to eat you...

I think hes looking for more than just your ticket lol...  This is a great film and has a stack of funny moments. To be honest i think the funny moments are the only thing that saves it (granted if you have very little imagination then this story is a must see) but its not a story you couldn't think of your self. that said we are in the game consul world now and most need telling because they can't think of it them selves.

Since he was banished the Muldoon's have been putting the dead to work, giving the island a sense of community, the post man is delivering mail, the farmers are tending the fields
(all in chains of coarse) 
Life seams to go on upon the Island of Plum 
But the last thing he expected to see was his own daughter on horseback as a form of Ghost Rider

With his daughter dead, Patric O'Flynn doesn't have anything left besides revenge. As you can imagine the assumption is.. if he had been around, she wouldn't be dead...
This just makes O'Flynn's hate for Seamus Muldoon even worse... and he will use any means he can to get revenge, even his new found friends.

One would think that people with a safe island to live on could live in harmony, but such as life their are always disagreements, arguments and general killing all round until one person is in charge of everything... But the thing is, no one person should ever be in charge of everything....

But there will always be those who want power.. 

If your new to the whole zombie thing, i would say watch "Diary of the dead" then watch this, and if you like them, then go back to the actual beginning and watch "Night of the living dead" then "Dawn of the dead" then "day of the dead"

Some Extra Screen Shots:

Original Movie Trailer Here

Nice Little Behind The Scenes Here

Their is also a 2 Disk Edition

Region 1 Double DVD NTSC

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