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Diary of The Dead (2007)

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This one from Romero doesn't actually fit within his "Living Dead" timeline, and stands alone as though this could be an initial beginning (essentially taking the place of "Night of the Living Dead" and oddly replacing it with this)

If you wish to skip this movie till a later date and watch "Survival of The Dead" instead, that movie fits within the timeline and would follow "Land of The Dead" in a normal flow of his movies compared to how this is, because timeline wise, this one doesn't really fit within the long term plot, although could initiate the plot..

It's based around film students out making a horror movie in the woods, when they find the dead are up and walking, hence why its more like a starting movie, rather than a sequel that sits within a time line...

I guess you could watch this first, then "Dawn of The Dead", or even watch this or combine it with the "1990 Night of the Living Dead" as a twin story spanned across the states before moving onto Dawn. This isn't a bad movie this one even though its slot within Romero's timeline is way off, its still well worth a watch...

Samuel is a cool Amish guy with dynamite lol. It's one of the funniest scenes in the movie when he throws that stick into oncoming zombies, then holds up the slate with his name on it...
Sadly he doesn't last long, but he's such a memorable character, especially his ending (the way he takes him self out is pretty cool)

It's not long before they encounter other survivors as they stop off for a rest, luckily the guy with the M16 is pretty down to earth and helps them out with gas and supplies and some weapons to. So now its back on the road to reach home to see if anyone's still alive back home or not...
Maybe... Maybe Not...

As i re-watch this film today, for only its 2nd time, it's clear this movie could proceed the 2004 Dawn of The Dead, cutting out all previous movies and making this the Initial launch pad for the Undead Apocalypse, helping truly put a modern take on the start of the end.
Right down to Bloggers broadcasting to the world.

It's odd but before you realize it your already an hour into the movie with only 35 minuets to go, kinda makes you sad that its not on for 2+ Hours, It's great to see a NEW Romero start to something that's always been fronted by Ben, Barbara & the famous old farm house in the past.  Now the Undead Terror has a whole new beginning.

She's not your mum anymore... She's just another Zombie.... and when your dad's done giving her a hand, i am sure he'll be right with you to....

It's probably time to leave, but go where?,  Is there anywhere left that's safe?,  Is there anywhere out their where they have this chaos under control?
Only one way to find out and that's back on the road.

There's an odd cameo appearance in this from one of the soldiers from "Land of The Dead" the one cholo talks into letting them take "Dead Reckoning" Sadly for our wondering group of students and their professor... in this movie he's a bad guy...   Although he does leave them with their weapons.. and their vehicle...
He just steals everything else..

Diary of The Dead
Land of The Dead

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