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The Quiet Earth (1985)

British DVD Cover

The Quiet Earth, also known as Terra Tranquila is a film shot in New Zealand starring Bruno Lawrence as Zac Hobson. A scientist working on a project to draw energy from a grid created through the earth. An experiment that goes horrifically wrong... Leaving him alone in the world, or so it would seam.

He wakes up one morning to find everyone is gone, and he thinks its no coincidence that the human population disappeared the day after this energy grid was activated, question is why has he been spared, or is this more a punishment for working on this top secret project called "Operation Flashlight"  The only way to find out whats going on is to go to the base where the project was activated to see if their is anyone their....
  if not... then...   "I have been condemned to live"

Zac Hobson At The Gas Station

 When you ring that bell and no one comes, its a sure sign that something is wrong.  But this could be the start of something good, or it could be the countdown to something bad.... One things for certain, Zack is going to have some fun along the way.  Once he fill's up the car with gas its time to head to the lab to find out what's happening with "Project Flashlight"

Zack At The Lab
The lab seams unaffected & the power is on, but what will he find when he gets inside?  He left on bad terms yesterday & tried to warn everyone that "Project Flashlight" was a bad idea and that the outcome of the test couldn't be judged and therefore it is to risky to continue blindly on with the research.... So he left under bad terms... but with not a soul in sight... he has hopes their maybe people here at the lab. Assuming if something has happened and people where evacuated from towns, the lab would still hold key personnel on site....

Perrin Fried At The System Control's

Finding his work colleague fried at the controls means something certainly went wrong, even if its not the cause of the missing population.... It's certainly done something somewhere...

When the alarm goes off Zack is trapped in the Lab by the security system that activated and locks down the lab, an ultraviolet sweep is counting down and Zack has to find a way out fast.. or he'll be fried to...

Door Sealed & No Way Out
Using Oxy Tanks To Blow The Door

There are some good key dialog & No dialog moments in the movie for example...

Recording his attempt to blow his way out the lab and making a note that it maybe project flashlight that's made people disappear, and recording this note in-case this explosion goes off with a bigger bang than expected

Broadcasting his Location & Phone Number Over a Public Radio Station

Posted A Big Billboard Message

Even Resorting To Driving Round Using A Police Car P.A System

Getting Drunk.. Waiting For That Call.. A Call That Never Came

Moving To A Bigger House Is The First Step

Step Two... Driving Round Inside The Mall

Cordless Drill... It's the Universal Credit Card In Most End of World Saga's.... Granted.. their is also the classic Crowbar and the Mighty Sledge Hammer... but when your the last Living Survivor on planet earth... What else are you going to drill?  :P
Waste Not.. Want Not.. It'll Only Spoil In A Few Days Anyway Right?....
A New Suits Always Handy... Especially For Free
But Hey.... Don't Go To Crazy....

Speaking Of Going Crazy....

American DVD Cover

I do really like this film it has a lot of odd elements that make for a great last man on earth kinda movie, also the fact everyone is gone (no zombies, or daemons) Just you alone in a world free of rotting corpses.

Its not long till Zack realizes that the grid is still active, not only that but its building up to another event. He's not sure what will happen when the next even occurs... But if last times anything to go by..... then what ever happens.... It can't be good....

After spending a few days taking measurements and doing calculations he finds he's not alone,  In-fact not only is he not alone, but he may of actually found love... In a world where he was the last man on earth... Their maybe a way to save the human race after all.... And if she survived... could their be others out their to?

 While she's checking hospitals for anyone who may of survived but are trapped or stuck, he's meant to be checking prisons. But he spends most days at a college running tests trying to figure out whats going on with the grid & the sun.  

If he's right.. and this event happens again.. then they might both disappear like everyone else did.

But that could be the least of his worry's when he realizes 2 will soon become three....

The last thing they expected was to find each other, so when it appears their is a third survivor it seams even more important to take down the grid, but with two men & one woman... their is bound to be rivalry and a shift in the balance of power...

Oddly the only reason they survived?
They All Died At The Moment Of The Event..



You can watch the Original Official Trailer Here
You can watch the Original Official Movie Here (sadly has subtitles, but dialog is English)

UK UPC: 5050232705582 Region 0 PAL DVD
USA UPC: 013131407396 Region 1 NTSC DVD
UK ASIN: B0000BXC0X Region 0 PAL DVD
USA ASIN: B000EZ908Y Region 1 NTSC DVD

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Friday, 5 July 1985

Day of The Dead (1985)

UK DVD Cover

This is the 1985 Follow up to the classic 1978 release of  Dawn of The Dead, which is where we see just how closed off a group of survivors can become when stuck living together and no where to go.

One of its lead stars first seen in the 1978  "Dawn of The Dead"

Florida Is Full Of Walkers

The important thing to remember about this third film in Romero's collection is the world HAS ENDED as we know it... Its NOT  Ending or about to end as shown in Night of and Dawn of....
We have had The Night, and we have had The Dawn, and now The Dead will have Their Day.... Its their time....
its now their world......

 Some want to Avoid them
 Some want to Destroy them
 One even wants to Control them

The Dead Populate Our World Now

 So in Night of the Living Dead(i link to the 1990 post because it's easier to travel through the movies in colour for timing/age continuity) We see zombies taking over the world and at the end we see "part" of humanity remains, and their burning the ones they have killed right?
Then in Dawn of the Dead, it starts out right where Night of left us hanging....
Clearly Dawn Follows Night, and Day follows Dawn.. so we reach Day of The Dead... Right where Dawn of the dead left us hanging...

Looking For Other Survivors

 It's pretty clear during the events in dawn of the dead, that this is now a global issue. So you can bet the government would of set up a protected facility consisting of a base of some kind. A secure environment populated with scientists, select civilians with necessary skills, such as engineers and pilots. Along with some backing from a military unit, to protect them while they research a possible cure, or simply a permanent solution to maybe either destroy... or co-exist with the dead...

A Dark Looking Miami Florida Now Deserted

While some civilians venture out looking for survivors, the military venture out to capture some of the walking dead, so that they can be experimented on. They keep the zombies in an underground corral (set deep within the salt mine, the same place that the former missile silo "base" is also built inside) One surviving scientist is working close with one zombie in particular "Bub" and its clear that the zombies do remember some aspects of their old lives, from before becoming one of the undead...

Experimenting On The Living Dead
Dr Logan Explaining His Plan

Bub... The Perfect Zombie To Be Friends With

With the zombies Outnumbering us by roughly 4000 to 1, Our chances of killing them all off (without the mass destruction of city's using napalm or nukes) Seams to leave only one logical solution, which would involve gaining some form of control over the zombies. The doctors prodigy "Bub" could be the key to the first signs of control... Only problem is "like a pet" being taught to simply "sit" their must be a reward system... and a reward equals food...

Bub remembers how guns work
Rhodes doesn't like bubs education

Dr Logan Stands Between Bub and a Bullet

 Clearly this film is about tension, time, claustrophobia and a leader who feels inadequate, because he has no man power or any way to stop whats going on.. While trapped waiting on scientists to come up with a plan that's taking way to long... And no new orders from outside of his own command... Captain Rhodes has had enough

Its also not long till they realize what the good dr logan has been rewarding bub's good behavior with..

 Day of The Dead was Re-Made in 2008 and sadly lack's all the qualities and main concepts of this version. Also sadly...  i think a lot of fans fail to see the merits of this 1985 version of the movie, simply because they judge this as  "it's not as good as dawn of the dead or night of the living dead" But this movie works on its own merits, simply because of the way it follows the other two films... people not understanding that doesn't make this a bad film or a poor film. This movie sits where it was meant to sit. It's an aspect of "while they were in the mall living it up" we where here working hard and going insane.

Romero's next movie Land of The Dead, shows another select few survivors in another part of America, and shows us another form of terror, Whilst also edging us forward with the "They Are Getting Smarter" concept. And showing us how other people have managed to also survive the fall of mankind....

 Anyways.. i shall round off this post with a few more screen shots
& some Links near the Bottom

The original Movie Trailer is Here

Someone has this movie uploaded on YouTube Here
It is NOT our upload, so if the link dies, DON'T bug us about it.....
If you want the link removing... Speak to the YouTube Video Up-loader

NOTE: 3 
Short Behind the Scenes From the Anchor Bay VHS release Here

I was never happy after buying the DVD, don't get me wrong.. i like the movie... But...
When you realize there is around 90 minuets to 2 hours worth of behind the scenes footage & all you get on the DVD is Play Movie & Chapter Selection...
Yet the Anchor Bay "VHS Video Cassette" Release had extras.. a simple video tape...
Just NOT not pleased at all with the retail aspect of this movie   : /
The distributor requires a shot to the head...
also begs the question why the single DVD DISC Volume Label shows it as  - DAY OF THE DEATH

I would unlock the region on your dvd player & get the 2 Disk UK set and the 4 Disk USA Set

Their is a set of 20 videos on YouTube featuring behind the scenes footage on set

A fan visited the filming locations and has a video Here

Single Edition DVD Main Menu

Single Edition DVD Chapter Selection

UPC: 5027035001579 UK DVD Region 2 PAL
UPC: ???????????? USA DVD Region 1 NTSC
ASIN: B00004CZO8 UK DVD Region 2 PAL
ASIN: 6305223343 USA DVD Region 0 NTSC
ASIN: B005IX34E8 UK DVD Region 0 PAL

Day of the Dead (Divimax Special Edition)  2 DVD Set
ASIN: B0002F6AY8 USA DVD Region 1 NTSC
ASIN: B00008G8L9 USA DVD Region 1 NTSC

UK 2 Disc DVD Set Box Front

USA Basic Single DVD Box Front
Region 0 DVD - PAL - Includes Collectors Book
Region 1 USA DVD

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