Sunday, 18 November 2007

I Am Omega (2007)

British DVD Cover

I Am Omega.... Just what where they thinking.. or where they thinking : /   I am omega is one of those side line productions that tries to build a free audience by jumping on an up coming Hollywood epic bandwagon. It's not the first and i am pretty sure it wont be the last (you know when "Titanic" was in the cinema, 2 other versions came out at the same time to cash in on the audience. Also when "Twister" came out their was also 2 other movies released, hard to believe it even happened when tom cruises war of the worlds was released, not only that but The Asylum even spun off a war of the worlds 2 shortly after) So with that jump on the franchise bandwagon idea comes the i am omega from The Asylum, A company that seams to be able to make movies above a YouTube budget yet lacking any real originality in its releases :'(
This could of been a much better movie if not for the poor script...

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Full Review Soon.... MAYBE

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Did i mention "Snakes On A Train"    yes... i said Train :P

UK UPC: 5060061071888
USA UPC: 686340202535

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