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The Last Ship (2014)

The Last Ship is an American post-apocalyptic drama tv series based on the novel of the same name by William Brinkley. Published in May 2013.

The cable network TNT initially placed an order for 10 episodes, it now spans 3 seasons.

U.S.A Navel Commander Tom Chandler and his crew find themselves in a whole new world when the ship's scientist passenger, Dr. Rachel Scott reveals that while they have been in radio silence for the last four months on a training exercise in the Antarctic the entire of earth's population is either fighting a virus or have been killed from it.

Tom makes some tough choices when he realizes his own actual mission was just a scam to buy them time so she can try and recover an original strain of the virus from the ice. But when radio silence is broken the Russian's pick up the signal and launch an attack on the away party. When she makes it back to the ship with the samples, the russians are hot on their trail. They want her and the samples.

The crew and their trusty ship "USS Nathan James DDG-151" set sail from Antarctica in search of fuel and supplies while the dr attempts to compare the viral strains and come up with a cure, meanwhile the crew grow more and more suspicious with the lack of information being told to them by the higher ranking officers.

They do venture off the ship at a mixture of harbour ports, docks and islands in search for supplies and later on in search for monkeys to try test vaccines on. But with an adaptive virus its harder to combat when its constantly evolving into a much deadlier pathogen that it first started out as.

Running out of monkeys, running out of time, she's alone working every moment she can, while the crew hates her because most their families died of the virus and none of them got to say goodbye. Loyalties are pushed to the limit between the crew as a rogue element tries to cause a rift (yeah theirs always one) but at least its not who they where leaning it towards which made a refreshing change.

The mini intro is a bit lame and seams to hide a bigger picture, which makes me wonder of at some stage it will divert its self to another group of survivors on land (splitting the stories between two lots of cast) But it would allow for flashbacks. A plot is certainly building with its spy on board the american ship, while the russian ship seams to have a mysterious dr who could be the cause.

For actress Rhona Mitra as Dr. Rachel Scott, a paleomicrobiologist. This isn't her first acting role within a Viral Outbreak disaster and many of you may remember her from "Doomsday" from 2012. Featuring an outbreak in Scotland and a wall built to keep the infected out of England

With Music by Steve Jablonsky and Nathan Whitehead, and Executive Producer Michael Bay Sets this 10 part series in stone. If you want to know more after watching the series, why not read the book.

  1. First episode date: June 22, 2014
  2. Network: TNT
  3. Adapted from: The Last Ship
  4. Genres: Action, Thriller, Adventure Film
  5. Program creators: Hank Steinberg, Steven Kane

This show is now on its 3rd Season

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Daylights End (2014)

This movies yet to be released (as of this post)
but we found a genuine trailer for it  :)

More info when its out..

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