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The Jolly Rogers Cookbook Disaster Edition

The Jolly Roger's Cookbook.... which also came to be known as "The Anarchist Cookbook"   and was / is a collection of how too's....

It grew with every publication and got banned shortly after every release. Most the information was essentially destructive in nature OR it lent towards piracy and illegal activities, which made it easy for the law to ban it...

But over time it amassed information on things you take for granted every single day....  Some Info of which could help the world & other Info could easily destroy the world....

A few people in history have taken credit for this book, I even saw one site list it as "First Published In 1971"   that sure made me laugh   :P   Maybe it was first published in 1971 AKA made public by someone with a big mouth..... But you can rest assured this things been around for centuries and has been created in many forms covering many subjects over the years.

My first experience of it was a CBM Amiga Program that was missing stacks of subjects. It was essentially a Floppy Disk with a Menu covering many subjects from Hacking To Explosives and upon selecting a topic it would then look for the next disk that contained the topic you chose on the menu.

Overtime its been released as Books & as online PDF files. In some countries its legal to own, in others it's not, it can also vary on the version..

You maybe wondering why this topics even on such a blog as this.... Well remember the name of this blog...  The End Is Not Always The End  So! How useful would you really be in a global crisis?
Think your hot Sh*t huh?  give you a gun and a car and you will help feed and protect us all?
Chances are your not a warrior.. your more of a w*nker...  Ive got 2 mate's BOTH with a full driving license, both didn't even no how to push start a car with a dead battery & both were considering ringing green flag recovery,  yip... a manual gear box AKA Stick Shift to  ROFL....

   The small stupid things will be our end...

 Granted the original concept of the book was hacking, it was schematics and pin diagrams for modems, servers, security systems, default passwords, company computer back doors and other computer & telecommunications information.. stuff that back then could get you access to almost anything.

  It also contained recipes on how to make Dynamite, Napalm, Even Home Made Deadly Poisons. That was where it went from hackers stealing computer software before its officially released, to sharing info on how to kill people (i remember one topic even defined the most appropriate way to hold a knife when killing someone)  That alone was pretty much the death of the book (In public circles that is) and it ventured back into "The Scene" as they began to call it. the world of L33T people...

 The Anarchist Tag and info on murder never helped its cause & it's kept it underground and full of useless outdated topics, although some info could be life saving in a disaster

 This blog post will attempt to list some subjects (and File Names to help find certain information)
Mostly for self preservation  and  certainly  NOT  For  illegal  Activities....

Here is a perfect example.... 

 So!  Just How Useful Would You Really Be In A Global Crisis?

The zombies have invaded... aliens have landed and cut off the power.... or maybe some country's finally got fed up with their oil being stolen and have nuked the planet... A meteors just took out half the world... 98% of the population died of a virus and 2% survived and your in that 2(god help the other 0.1.99%)

Just how would you produce something you take for granted.. something as simple as Electricity... Power, and im talking Substantial Power, solar power is not sustainable enough to run a heating system or cooking (especially in the dark) because most batteries don't have the AMP's to run that kinda gear after sun down.  

Just because it says Petrol doesn't always mean direct from a pump

OK so your thinking we'll get a generator.....
 what are you going to put in it? Petrol?   AKA   Gasoline?  well chances are... you just killed a generator
 Most generators are TWO STROKE, thats from the days before we had Unleaded petrol, cars ran on 4 Star petrol, many motor bikes ran on 2 Star petrol    You can no longer get 2 star from a petrol station.. how do you make it, whats the difference between them all...  Is this even a 240volt Generator? or a 150volt Generator?
Whats the difference?

 So you've killed one generator, either instantly or at-least within the first 10/20 minuets of starting it up, how many more where in the store... maybe 2 or 3?  Shops don't stock pile these things.
So what ever food stuffs you where planing to freeze at your local frozen foods place is now fk'd, congrats on that first mistake with something as simple as knowing you need to mix OIL with PETROL to make 2 Stroke Fuel.... may seam simple, but really?  I mean it says "petrol" and their was a can in the trunk of your car right....  But you no what thought did don't you..

Trust me the world is actually full of thick people... most of you don't understand the reality of your own daily survival or your own knowledge limitations.    Ive got a mate who would just say  
"sh*t sorry dude.... besides how was i supposed to know"
    and the reply to that .. however simple a task is.. still..  R.T.F.M  then a bullet to the fkn head...
the bullet was for saying "besides how was i supposed to no" never show remorse then kill your apology with an IM NOT STUPID ATTITUDE when you clearly are...

Fancy Some Toast Anyone?

 We are down 1 generator.. what a dk'head... So your mates just become a liability in a world with no one to bail you out at the end of a phone.... and we are also now without.. Fish, Eggs, Meat, Milk, Butter, to name but a few.... Their are now many foods we may never ever taste again after this week.. Simply because some people REFUSE to READ.... and are such a smart A$$... No room for part timers when the sh*t hits the fan..
 So when your done killing resources...

 So now you all know it's not as simple as fill up the tank, pull on a cord and let their be light.. It's pretty clear things are not that simple at all... although many people clearly are...
 Also most Construction / Building Site tools are powered by 150volts, including the lights on site, NOT 240volts.

Back in the day you could hot-wire a car by simply joining the Red & Black wire together and then just touch the green and yellow wire to them both until it starts, then release the green and yellow wire... 
but with Immobilizers today.. your going to need the keys.... the additional black wire must be joined for lights and windscreen wipers to work...

Their are a lot of trade offs depending on where you live, for example in the UK, stick shift cars (manual gear boxes) are pretty much common place here, so push starting a car with a dead battery is pretty simple, yet over in the states most are automatics & apparently you need to get one of them up to about 70mph before you drop it into gear  

(don't hold much hopes for the flywheel on that thing lmfao) 

But then in the states its much easier to get guns...
Hell.... their under 99.9% of store counters...
but then guns jam and dogs roam in packs of 6 or more...
with 6 shots in a revolver and 9 in an automatic....

A Sword maybe a wiser move....

You may want to opt for a Samurai Sword, and a sword with a FULL TANG would be highly recommended, rather than the cheep swords with whats known as a Rat's Tail / Stick Tang... save's the blade snapping at the hilt, which happens very easy with cheep rubbish... 

And rubbish & rats, that's something you will have to take away your self, or you will be the ONLY place in town were the rats visit after about 12 months....

Rabies and other oddity's will follow them, Rats will also attract cats and cats will attract dogs...

It's a really complicated world when your one of a handful of survivors.....

So living on tinned goods with no power for freezers (even if you have power now, if you didn't obtain power within 2/4 hours then most frozen foods are no good) then its time to travel. An AtoZ will get you around for a while until there's no food left, then you'll need to be able to read a map..  What's that you say, you have a sat nav....?   But that died with your internet, your Google and your cell service provider...

You can pick up A to Z's in most petrol station's and gather them for various towns, but it'll take maps to reach them towns, and a car....

Petrol in car tanks will evaporate, petrol stored in cans will expand and burst over time, petrol pumps wont work, so it's getting more complicated to travel further to...

When your done considering that massive fancy house you want to move into, you may rather consider a "Whole Sellers" warehouse, rather than a house, its less distance to move furniture & the food inside will last you for years, also it'll be pretty secure and not many windows, so you can control how much light can be seen of a night from outside....

Wholesale locations are normally one of the last places people will look, you can also find them by getting clipboards with invoices on from retail stores & supermarkets... How many actually bother to visit the managers office when they raid a store ?

Grabbing 3 models of the same laptop also makes sense, as you then have a spare one with new battery, you also have one you can carry round and also one in the car that's charging a spare battery via the car's cigaret lighter. A cars lighter socket has a million possibilities, So grabbing rechargeable batteries for torches and stuff would also make sense over disposables.
You could opt for a Dictaphone instead to make notes, but tapes aren't reliable and theirs many shopping & stock control apps, after all, you could be trading supplies if theirs other survivors & the laptop is access to a mass of data

Your Overhaul MINI Check List...

01) A Car and a Van
02) Grab 2/3 small generators (small ones for now)
03) A Crow Bar (this will be a universal key to open many locks)
04) Cordless Drill with Extra Batteries from other boxes
(Make sure you get matching Batteries & Diamond Head Drill bits)
This will be your second KEY for most other Doors & Shutters
05) Find a whole sellers and get it powered up
06) Get ya self a really expensive sword
(2 hands on it, don't fracture your wrist, theirs no one to fix it)
07) Find a petrol tanker (they have their own pump system)
fill it up at as many garages as you can & then park it somewhere out the sun
08) Clean out some Milk Tanker trailers and fill them with water
09) Raid camping stores, get a few tents, portable cookers, sleeping bags, glow sticks
little pots, pans, as much camping crap as you can, in about 3 or 4 separate sets of each 
(These should be stored in separate sealed locations in case you have to move home in a hurry) you also want stacks of water purification tablets.
10) Hit army bases, look for a generator truck & any weapons
11) Get a fire engine, hook into a hydrant fill it & park that somewhere close to
(because smoke from a fire that size could attract anyone)
12) A CB Radio, Ariel, Coax, Swar Meter, Power Supply
(a book on how to swar in an Arial otherwise you'll blow transmitting capability)
13) Portable Scanner, Base Station Scanner AND a HF Radio 
14) How to attract attention to see if anyone's left...?
(find a scrap yard or a pile of tiers & burn them, tiers produce thick dense smoke)
that can be seen for miles..  then park up out the way and see who comes to have a nose
15) Binoculars
16) Rat Poison (you don't want them feckers nibbling at packets or biscuits)
17) Small portable phone/pad style solar panels, at least 20 for now
18) 2 Brand new 12v car batteries, pref large off a 4x4
19) Stacks of varied sized 1.5v rechargeable batteries,  AA, AAA and so on
20) Flares
21) Small really cheep alarm clocks that use 1 AAA battery (ideal distractions)
A) you can't time or cancel a fire cracker.. B) in the uk you cant just buy firecrackers
poundland is fulla cheep little small travel clocks, just pull batteries till needed.

You'll need to understand "Amps" "Volts" & Cloud issues. We know solar energy isn't cost effective (IE its more expensive buying what you need that what you save on bills in your own life time.. that said doesn't mean solar power wont save you.. because it Will trust me on that) You can use panels to charge the 12v car battery, if your only using the car battery to charge smaller torch/flashlight batteries then solar power will work using the 12v as a buffer. The car batter will always have power as long as the panels get some light every day, and correctly connecting multiples of  1.5 batteries to match the 12v drain wont actually pull that much out the car battery. It would take up to at least 2 days to charge say 6 torch batteries "using the panels Directly" Yet understanding the amps and voltage between 12v and multiples of 1.5v and using panels & a 12v to charge the 15.'s is the Only viable way to go (you must have constant power to get a solid charge for your torch batteries or your in the dark at some stage right...) So you need that 12v like a water butt between the sky and the tap.

I wrote a post all about Free Power in an apocalypse, a must read for the survivalist  here  ;)

Security can be as easy as a car alarm system (with motion sensors) and again one of them car batteries, you can get a few small portable solar panels to keep that battery topped up to... An understanding of Red / Black 12v + and 12v - will be important, a multimeter can also come in handy for checking polarity on stuff.

Taking petrol from cars?, pop the bonnet/hood, look for spark plug leads.. no their.. its a diesel  : /   Be quick to pull the battery because streets are easy to get boxed in either end & trust me on this to.. A car alarm will probably still be active 2/3 years after the initial outbreak.
just jacking up a car to steal a wheel is going to set off an alarm.

Interesting PDF Files Around The Internet...

Any Spelling errors in the Name should be kept intact as That's the REAL File Name
(so when Google says DID YOU MEAN..  say NO and search for what you asked it to)
This is just a Small collection of titles, you can get some in big packs on Torrent Sites

SAS Survival Handbook Revised-Edition.pdf
SAS Survival Handbook.pdf
Emergency Food Prep.zip
Emergency Water Treatment & Sanitation Handout Pages .rar
Emergency Water Treatment.htm
Portable Food.rar
Wild Rice - Gloria Belcourt.rar
Emergency Food Preparation.pdf
Enjoy Yeast Breads - FN283.pdf
Field Cooking Nutrition.rar
Quilt Inn Country Cookbook.pdf
Recipes Tried And True (1894 Cookbook).zip
Backyard Rabbit Keeping - Ann Williams.rar
Natural Chicken Feed.txt
Saving Seeds 2.txt
The City People's Book of Raising Food - Olkowski.txt
Canning Butter.rar
Canning Hamburger.rar
Emergency Food and Water Supplies.rar
Family Food Security.zip
Food Storage Cooking School - FN503.PDF
Guide to Food and Water Storage.rar
How Much to Store.rar
Providence Cooperative Prudent Food Storage Ver 3.zip
Providence Cooperative Stored Food Pests FAQ Ver 1 (TXT Format).zip
Providence Cooperative Water Treatment FAQ Ver 2.2 (Word Format).ZIP
Salt Cureing Meat.rar
Start Your Food Storage on $10 a Week by Alan T Hagan Issue 59.rar
Storing Flour.rar
Storing Grains in Buckets.rar
Storing Honey.rar
Storing Water in 2-Liter Bottles.rar
Survival Meat Preserving - Part 1 - Pemmican.rar
Survival Meat Preserving - Part 2 - Jerky.rar
Waxing Cans and Boxes for Storage.rarBackpack_Stove_-_How-To.zip
Building a SmokeHouse.rar
Dutch Oven.zip
125 Jerky Recipes.zip
Acorn Soup.rar
Baking Bread - The Beginner's Guide.rar
Bread Recipes.zip
Bread, 500 Recipes for Making.zip
Cornbread & Hot Water Cornbread.rar
Culinary Herbs.zip
Hard Cider, Quick Recipe.rar
Debris Hut Construction.rar
11 Steps to Survival - Canada Emergency Measurses Organization.pdf
Aids to Survival.pdf
Be Your Own Bodyguard - Peaceful Paths.pdf
Bushcraft (Canadian Scout Manual) - PO 403.pdf
Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping.pdf
Captain Dave's Survival Guide.pdf
Citizen's Homeland Defense Guide I - The Art of Survival.pdf
Citizen's Homeland Defense Guide II - The Art of Survival.pdf
Civil Preparedness Guide - FEMA 1-10.pdf
Combat Survival and Evasion.pdf
Common Sense Guide to Being Prepared - Time Magazine.pdf
Disinfecting After the Flood.doc
Don't Leave Home Without Your Brain.txt
Essential Underground Handbook (P M L Publishing).pdf
Extension Agent's Handbook for Emergency Preparation and Response.doc
Fieldcraft - B-GL-392-009-FP-001.pdf
How to Prepare for Any Disaster.pdf
Mormon Emergency Preperation.pdf  : /
National Security Emergencies.pdf
Out-of-Home Defense.txt
Pioneering Knots and Lashings.pdf
Providence Cooperative Survival FAQ - Threat Analysis.txt
Risks & hazards - A State by State Guide - FEMA196.pdf
Special Forces Caching Techniques - TC 31-29A.pdf
Summaries of Soviet Civil Defense Research Reports - FEMA RR-27.pdf
Survival - MCRP 3-02F FM 21-76.pdf
Survival Evasion and Recovery - MCRP 3-02H.pdfSurvival_Bible_-_Richard_Perron.zip
Survival - FM 21-76 Supplemental Photos and Diagrams.zip
The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving - John Hoffman.pdf
The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook - Piven and Bordenicht.pdf
Urban Survival - Douglas Bell.html
US Marine Corps MWTC Summer Survival Course Handbook - MSVX.02.01.pdf
Wilderness Survival Techniques And Tips.pdf
You Will Survive Doomsday - Bruce Beach (file version 2).pdf
You Will Survive Doomsday - Bruce Beach.pdf
Injurious Plants GTA 08-05-055.pdf


Most Important Advice Is Something SO Simple..
Something You Have Heard Before...

(the Killing of a Generator was so easily done & overlooked by ALL I Spoke To)

So i guess the question now is...
Do you still really think you would make a good survivor?
remember to read about the solar power.. it could save your life...

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