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The All New Night Of The Living Dead (1990)

VHS Video Cassette Tape Cover

The ALL NEW  Night Of The Living Dead, This classic 1990's remake comes to you from one of the stars of  "Dawn of The Dead"   Tom Savini (the biker with the sword, who's in charge of the gang who raid the mall)  It starts off Like the original 1968 version  with Barbara and Johnny off to visit their mothers grave in the middle of nowhere, also as before.. things soon go horrifically wrong.

The Actual DVD Cover

  In the modern tradition of burning the bra.... Barbara is a much stronger character in this version, and although a little disturbed in the beginning, she soon comes into her own and grasps the undead problem faster than the rest of the house.. yeah that's right.. that sh*tbag Cooper is back again in the remake and he is as stupid as ever... theirs always one right?
This has to be one of THE BEST remakes of a movie ever done...

 This movies pretty much set out like the original and one can assume Tom Savini just wanted a colour version of the original to precede the 1979 Dawn of The Dead movie. which is great for us as we get a more up to date version.

The end of this is different to the original, but.. you'll have to watch it to find out....
Info on the Original 1968 Release Here

Some Additional Screen Shots....
... To Wet Your Undead Appetite....

Russell Streiner who appeared in the original Night of the Living Dead as Johnny, also appears in this movie as Sheriff McClelland, who has the line...  "Yeah, they're dead, they're all messed up"

 Bill 'Chilly Billy' Cardille appeared as a reporter in both the 1968 version and the 1990 remake.

DVD Chapter Selection

Could do with a Better scan of this, some buffoon cropped it

You can see the Original Trailer Here

There is a behind the scenes set of videos on YouTube in 3 parts
Part 1....  Part 2.....  Part 3.....

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