Tuesday, 5 November 2013

World War Z (2013)

Here it is.. the film that's been held back how many years now?
Also known as Guerra Mundial Z

This was rumoured to be based on the book, but is in fact more of a Prequel to the book (the book is out as an audio story to) so it can kinda be listened to or read after watching the movie ;)

This movie has a much different concept than your usual zombie movie and a twist to how it all works, but i wont spoil it for people who haven't seen it yet.

The DVD Release contains 2 extra videos "Origins" and "Looking To Science"  there both about 7/8 mins long and that's it for extras, although within the videos shows concept art & interviews.

DVD Has Animated Menu
Special Features Menu
Kinda Crap Scene Selection Menu

Random Note..

85 Weapons "rifles and pistols" to be used on filming scenes in Hungary were confiscated by counter-terrorism customs officers in Budapest, after being flown in from London. The props, which where owned by an English company, were said to be used in filming. The Hungarian authorities said the guns could be re-activated by removing screws and filling the end of the barrels. Hungarian law requires weapons to be deactivated only if the process of making them live is irreversible. Weapons supervisor, Bela Gajdos, on the movie said that a permit for the weapons had been issued by Hungarian police.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Cockneys vs Zombies

UK DVD Front

Cockneys vs Zombies
What a great movie this is lmao, If you like Shaun of The Dead then your going to like this for sure. I would ignore the reference to "lock stock" on the cover.. Simply because there are no truly irritating actors in this movie lmao.

What this LACKS in comedy moments (compared to shaun)
It sure makes up for in action, and it still has some reall funny moments.

Truly making this a worthy purchase, especially as ASDA in the uk have it on shelf for just £3, (yet their selling that Gangsters, guns and zombies thing for £7) and that's awful compared to this lil buety.

Its based in London, and their working on some land and old sewer systems when they knock through into a long since buried chamber, and its clear what happens next..

The DVD also contains a lot of Extras which is also a must when buying a movie.

Official Trailer:

I will add some screen shots and more info soon as i get a chance.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Living After The Aftermath Teaser 2

Living After The Aftermath Teaser 2

Music By TheWraith517 A.K.A YouKnowTheScore
Info Here

Music Score Promo Poster

Some Of The Music Score

They Will Out Number Us By Dawn 001

Contaminated The Land Contaigents In The Soil 002

May Old Acquaintance Be Remembered 001

City of The Dead 002

Maybe More Soon....

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

State of Emergency (2010)

UK DVD Box Front

This is an odd one this (It's pretty good tbh) but theirs a lot of stupid aspects over its release dates.  imbd says it was made in 2010, and that it was released in 2011, the back of the box says 2010, yet the front says "The Best Zombie Film of 2012"  I guess the distributors had a field day with more box art that makes zero sense lmfao.

This movie is based in Montgomery Ohio USA and centers around the concept of a chemical plant outside town. One of the storage tank's cooling units goes off line causing an explosion, which in turn that sends a cloud of deadly smoke into the air. Traveling in that smoke is an unstable Biological Weapon that was deemed to unstable for use and stored in the tank for a future date where it would come in useful. The army sure does love its weapons grade chaos...

A young guy had plans to propose to his girlfriend (a local nurse) on their anniversary of being together for 2 years, but then everything starts to go down hill from their. She ends up injured and he ends up taking her to a near by stable where he locks up and waits in hope's that help will come soon.

 Managing to get a Tv Signal he watches as the news desk reporter clearly looses it when her colleague out on location stops transmitting audio and video back to the studio.

But before the loss in transmission,  it's clear the army are on site and he hopes it wont be long before help arrives.

With no real idea whats going on and nightfall here, he has a look outside but forgets to lock the gate when he comes back in. hes later woken by a noise and gos to investigate, finding the gate unlocked, he locks it... locking him self inside, and locking what ever made that noise inside with him...

These things seam so slow at times, so distant to what their purpose is, then suddenly in the blink of an eye they run, ravage and destroy...
They seam similar to the zombie style in "28 Days Later" and share that same crazed red eyed expression and hunger for flesh rather than specifically for brains...

The funny thing is that Zombies don't specifically eat brains, as always said in Romero's movies "they eat the flesh of the living" and it was only in the "Parody Based" Return of The Living Dead that zombies specifically wanted to eat your brain.

Dad makes a meal out of mum..

External communications are severed during the quarantine, yet the towns internal communications seam to work. He receives a call from a place just over the way (they saw his lights on and ring up the number on the town register for the stables)

They Invite him over to their place...

So over he heads to their place...
Its an unusual movie this, as one of the zombies speaks, as though they semi remember some things. Their are a lot of varied moments in the movie that seam to lack any explanation and leave you with a million questions, and one can but only hope some form of Directors Cut is released in the future...

You can watch the Original Trailer Here

So until then, check it out..
and here's some extra screen shots

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