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The Last Man On Earth (1964)

British DVD Cover
The movie that started all true "fall of humans" movies.... Based on the book "I Am Legend" as was "The Night Of The Living Dead"  and "The Omega Man" The last man on earth features Vincent Price as Dr. Robert Morgan (notably the character in I Am Legend & The Omega Man was Robert Neville)   It revolves around a scientist who was unable to stop the spread of this terrible virus, an incurable plague. Morgan is now the last human survivor in what is left of Italy (USA) and perhaps the world. Neville has sent out daily radio messages, desperate to find any other survivors who might be out there and never gets a response. But yet he is not alone. Mutant victims of the plague,  The Infected, lurk in the shadows and basements of otherwise uninhabited buildings... watching Morgan's every move.. Just waiting for him to make a fatal mistake to not get back before dark. Perhaps mankind's last, and best hope, Morgan is driven by, one remaining mission.... to find a way to reverse the effects of the virus using his own immunity within his blood.

 Morgan travels round of a day, hunting them down while they sleep in the darkness, trying to find one that's still alive (if that's what you can call them) He often finds them but their already dead, and no longer up and walking. Of a night he hides in his own home with mirrors on all the doors, most mornings when he leaves the house their are a few new dead ones outside, he fixes up the garden a little then takes them to the pit that is still burning after all this time, this is a pit the army used to burn all the victims of the outbreak, before them to ended up in that same fiery hell.

 Shopping list, look for more mirrors, they get broken easily, go to the supermarket and check on the generator, pick up some more garlic, visit the grave of a loved one then try to find another plague victim that can be experimented on.
get home BEFORE DARK!!!

One day he spots someone (out in the daylight) my eyes must be seeing things he thinks.. Until she see's him and she runs off, then he realizes she is not an illusion....  chasing after her frantically......

The movie was originally to be produced by Hammer Films of Great Britain.
But they decided not to make it and passed the script over to their U.S. associate, Robert L. Lippert
who then produced the film in Italy.
(Exterior Filming Location) Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, E.U.R., Rome, Lazio, Italy
(Interior Filming Location) Titanus Studios, Rome, Lazio, Italy

This film's (c) has actually lapsed, making the movie "Public Domain" which means its available on a number of web sites for free and you can't be arrested for copying it (that is unless you copy a licensed DVD Release) but the film is now essentially a free for all, under none commercial use.

Just like the 1950's "Day of The Triffids"  this film fell fowl to the British Film Board Censorship and was refused. To which it was again "another story" sold onto someone in the USA who filmed the movie in Italy

Granted the graphics back then were nothing special, but then unlike today's movies...
It was the Story, the acting & The Plot that made a movie work.. not its budget...

Oddly it was made into colour (not remade) just coloured like they did with night of the living dead

UK DVD UPC: 5050457636494
USA DVD UPC: 844503000798
USA DVD UPC: 027616097217
All Region DVD UPC: 777966841892
Un-Known DVD Region UPC: 796019602396

Remember The Movie Is Now Public Domain (Links to this are legal)
You can watch the Original Movie Trailer Here
You can watch the Original Movie In B/W Here (low resolution no adverts)
You can watch the Original Movie In B/W Here (medium resolution no adverts)
You can watch the Original Movie In B/W Here (high resolution has advert chapters)
You can watch the Original Movie In Colour Here (high resolution no adverts)
You can watch the Original Movie In Colour Here (high resolution no adverts)
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A list of its Also Known As (AKA)

Night People
Wind of Death
Naked Terror
Vento di morte
The Night Creatures
The Damned Walk at Midnight
Ostatni czlowiek na Ziemi
O teleftaios anthropos sti Gi
O Último Homem na Terra
Mortos que Matam
L'ultimo uomo della terra
Je suis une légende
El último hombre sobre la Tierra
Az utolsó ember a Földön

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Released 8th March 1964 (but Blogger wont backdate beyond 1970)