Saturday, 12 July 2014

Intro Test Just a lip and sound timing

Intro Test Just a lip and sound timing tester, this is far from the final intro
(and the narration will have mixed locations to)
 ide also like the "double shot" to be 2 army guys in gas masks taking out an infected couple in a house ;)
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Friday, 11 July 2014

Character Profile Bob Williams

Colonel Bob Williams:  Location... Classified..

Bob Williams.. Former British S.A.S retried in 1985 and moved to the United States in 1986 to work on the human genome project.  Bob was later recruited by the C.I.A to help the C.D.C work on varied cures for (rumored) impending genetic bio warfare.    To this day.. no one will say if it was bob who flew callsign charlie on the Fortuna Glacier rescue.

With a number of degrees in biology, chemistry & physics he led a secondary team under the centers leader James Watson and they began to pave the way for D.N.A manipulation within a living subject rather than just cells in a petri dish. When funding from the military came in James & Bob both resigned and went back to normal civilian life.

Bob later flew an Oil Rig Transport Helicopter for a company on the Island of Nogova but grew tired of a chauffeur job transporting suits.. especially when he new the workers spent 2 days on a boat to get back and forth from work to their families.

He later ended up a volunteer pilot for the Medevac team working with the main Nogova hospital air rescue team. Tasked with flying anything from patients to hearts that where ready for transplant.  Often a mundane job many thought, but none the less.. He thought.. it's a job not everyone can do and is worthy my time.  He still works their to today and it was where he met his wife...

He married around a year and a half later after leaving the C.D.C and had 2 children  
(a son, and then a daughter 4 years later)


His wife and daughter where killed in a crash when the bus they where on got shunted though a railroad crossing barrier, by a truck driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel.   
In Local News

 His son later went missing while backpacking around the world, he was last seen in Russia acording to airport & immigration records, but no one is sure where he is.  Benjamin Williams was presumed dead 6 months after he vanished, due to no further sightings or any from of ransom demand.

Bob still fly's for the medevac unit but only on the holiday seasons (to give the regular pilots some family time in the holidays) bob spends most his other free time at a cabin up by eagle lake, gardening, growing his own food, tinkering with his own helicopter & writing white papers for the science journals. Its rumored hes an avid musician to, but rarely gets out the guitar or jumps on the piano.

  Sometimes he does some Stunt Flying & Arial Camera Work for a friend of the cabin owner.

Location Classified
In his more colourful days bob lead many missions he'd rather not talk about & don't get him started on the Gulf War.  He visited many countries looking for rumored bio warfare labs but found him and his team just being used by corrupt governments and private organizations to take down drug labs from uncooperative cartels. That's why he resigned his commission and walked away from the British Armed Services. He never did like the politics and red tape..


All Information About This Character Is Fictional And Does  NOT Represent Anyone Either Living Or Dead, Past And Present, All Names, Locations And Dates Used Are Also Fictional And Any Resemblance OR Similarities To Anyone Living Or Dead Is Mere Coincidence..
  (for more information See "FICTION" in dictionary..)


Bob Williams Character Uses OFP Face15 (in his older years)
Listed as Bill O. on the game identities face selection screen
The face is based on the founder of codemasters.
CodeMaster's Jim Darling as General Ivan Vasilii Guba

Bob Williams Character Uses OFP FaceR01  (in his younger years)
 Listed as Victor T.  on the game identities face selection screen 
Face based on an unknown employee at Bohemia Interactive