Tuesday, 5 November 2013

World War Z (2013)

Here it is.. the film that's been held back how many years now?
Also known as Guerra Mundial Z

This was rumoured to be based on the book, but is in fact more of a Prequel to the book (the book is out as an audio story to) so it can kinda be listened to or read after watching the movie ;)

This movie has a much different concept than your usual zombie movie and a twist to how it all works, but i wont spoil it for people who haven't seen it yet.

The DVD Release contains 2 extra videos "Origins" and "Looking To Science"  there both about 7/8 mins long and that's it for extras, although within the videos shows concept art & interviews.

DVD Has Animated Menu
Special Features Menu
Kinda Crap Scene Selection Menu

Random Note..

85 Weapons "rifles and pistols" to be used on filming scenes in Hungary were confiscated by counter-terrorism customs officers in Budapest, after being flown in from London. The props, which where owned by an English company, were said to be used in filming. The Hungarian authorities said the guns could be re-activated by removing screws and filling the end of the barrels. Hungarian law requires weapons to be deactivated only if the process of making them live is irreversible. Weapons supervisor, Bela Gajdos, on the movie said that a permit for the weapons had been issued by Hungarian police.