The Videos

The Official Episode Guide:

1x01 - When The End Came

 More Information Soon..

The Official Short Story Guide:

Private Ian Watson Didn't Last Long
Checking The Coastline In A Fishing Boat On A Dark Thundery Night For Signs Of Lite & Life 

 More Soon..

Other Videos:

Original Teaser Test
Another Teaser Test
Fishing Boat Approaches An Abandoned Navel Ship On A Dark Misty Night
GFX Tester
Bob Alters His Own D.N.A
Mixed City & Island FMV Cut Scenes (still to jittery)

Intro Test

Another Alternate Test

Mini iPhone Made Teaser Trailer
A Re-Scored Test
The Song

Video Stock Footage "Creative Commons" Use

Playlist Of Available Clips
(all clips where uploaded to YouTube under the Creative Commons setting)
This means you can use youtubes own video editor to build your mini movie or music video

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