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The reason i am listing these here......
 is simply because not many people normally give a historic perspective of their reason to why...

IE.. It's because of this...  or... It was Inspired by this... or inspired by that....

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 As a writer i am very creative, sadly in the real world you need Money, People & Hardware
I have none of the above.... that wont stop me trying like....

But that's ok..   As we all no the best movies depend on a Story
(and to anyone with a good imagination... a Visual... is just a bonus)
Audio Books can also be a massive Imagination Builder..

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 So i will randomly post Information about a "Movie"  or a  "TV Series"  that has inspired me to either Better their farce, or has just really helped me appreciate my imagination.  I started with a post for "The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue" simply because its more on an unknown rarity for many people. Its not a fantastic film, but if your a zombie collector, the UPC & Amazon code in the post should help find it somewhere out their to watch or buy. I will cover a lot more & a lot better zombie movies over time...

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My next post covers  "The Last Train" a Granada/iTV Series from 1999, consisting of 6 Episodes featuring a hand full of the cast from the British soap "London's Burning" ya no that old thing about a fire station. Anyways... They hop back into their acting shoes to pull off a series were they are frozen on a train during a meteor impact and re-awakened years later after everyone else has gone, well.. besides that handful of nutters who own whats left of the world.

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 Next i will move onto "The Day Of The Triffids"  a Novel by John Wyndham that became a movie, radio drama, BBC Tv Mini Series, which is also about a world after disaster with no one left but nutters all looking to rebuild the world in their image, and some Killer Plant's thrown in.

You can look forward to info and images from the likes of "The Omega Man" , "The Quite Earth""I Am Legend" And a whole stack of other Disaster End Of The World based movies & Tv Series that Truly inspired me to create my own End of the world series (which this blog is actually about)

So while i work on My Concepts & my game code scripting to pull off this series i shall enlighten you along the way to some other great classics out their that you may.. or may of not seen....

Each blog post has a 4 rating system at the bottom
  Watch It... Skip It... 50-50.... I Never Knew
If you never knew about it before you came here please tick "I Never Knew"
...u can also go back after watching it and select "Watch It" (to recommend if its good)
or Skip It (if its bad)  Or..  if you think it was 50/50 then please tick the 50-50
(it'll still retain the other tick's for I Never Knew)
The reason i would like you all to do this is if you want to find the rarest thing most including you haven't seen, you can actually click on the "phrase" I Never New to show all posts that rate highest on that vote, same goes for the "Watch It" "Skip It and the "50-50" each blog post also has tag's that will search for similar tag's when clicked.

So Here Is A List of Relative Names & Blog Posts
To Some of my Favorite Apocalypse Themed Things
(this list WILL Grow)

The Last Man On Earth (Movie, 1964)
The Omega Man (Movie, 1971)
The Quiet Earth (Movie, 1985)
Damnation Alley  (Movie, 1977)
I Am Legend (Movie, 2007)
I Am Omega (Movie, 2007)
The Day Of The Triffids (BBC Television, 6 Part Series 1981)
The Day Of The Triffids (BBC Remake Television, 2 Part Series, 90 minuets each, 2009)
The Night of the Triffids (Novel, The Sequel To TDOTT, Book-Novel by Simon Clark 2001) 
The Last Train (iTV, Granada Television, 6 Part Series, 1999)
The Last Ship  (TNT - Warner Brothers, 10 Part Series, 2014)
Surviving The Apocalypse Documentary (not sure on this one)
Survivors (BBC Television, 3 Series, totalling 38 Episodes, 1975–1977)
Survivors (BBC Remake, 2 Series, 6 Episodes per season, totalling 12 Episodes 2008) 
Without Warning (CBS TV Movie, 1994)
On The 8th Day (1984)
Jeremiah (USA Series, Sci-Fi Channel, 2 Seasons totalling 34 episodes, 2002–2004)
Dead Set (E4/Channel 4 Series, 5 Episodes, 2008)
Series, CBS Network, 2 Seasons totalling 29 episodes, 2006–2008)
History Channel - Life After People (90 min feature, 2 Tv Series, 10 Episodes each, 2009)
National Geographic - Aftermath - Population Zero (Documentary, 2008)
National Geographic - Asteroids Deadly Impact (Documentary)
National Geographic - Aftermath The Earth Stops Spinning (Documentary)
Population Zero - A World Without Humans (Documentary)
The Jolly Rogers Cookbook Disaster Edition (Blog Post, 2013)
If The Oil Runs Out (BBC, Six part mini series, 2006)
Night of the Living Dead (Movie, 1968 original B/W Cut)
Night of the Living Dead (Movie, 1968, colourized cut 1986)
Night of the Living Dead (Movie, 1968, colourized cut 1997)
Night of the Living Dead (Movie, 1968, colourized cut 1999)
Night of The Living Dead 30th Anniversary (Movie, 1968, B/W Re-Cut 1999)
Night of the Living Dead (Movie, 1968, colourized cut, 2004)
The All New Night of the Living Dead (Re-Make, Movie, 1990)
Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection (Movie, 2012)
Return of the Living Dead (Movie, 1985)
Return of the Living Dead 2 (Movie, 1988)
Return of the Living Dead 3 (Movie, 1993)
Return of the Living Dead 4 Necropolis (Movie, 2005)
Return of the Living Dead 5 Rave to the Grave (Movie, 2005)
Dawn of The Dead (Movie, 1978)
Dawn of The Dead (Movie, 2004)
Day of The Dead (Movie, 1985)
Day of The Dead (Movie, 2008)
Land of The Dead (Movie, 2005)
Diary of the Dead (Movie, 2007)
Survival Of The Dead (Movie, 2009)
House Of The Dead (Movie, 2003)
House Of The Dead 2 Dead Aim (Movie, 2005)
28 Days Later (Movie, 2002)
28 Weeks Later (Movie, 2007)
28 Months Later (Movie) 
Zombie Diaries (Movie, 2006)
Zombie Diaries 2 (Movie, 2011)
Shaun of The Dead  (Movie, 2004)
Flight of the Living Dead A.K.A Plane Dead (Movie, 2007)
State of Emergency (Movie, 2010)
The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue  (Movie, 1974)
Night of the Comet (Movie, 1984)
The Walking Dead (Tv Series, 2010 to -)
Fear The Walking Dead (Tv Series, 2015 to -) 
Resident Evil (Game, Sony PlayStation, the original P.S.X, 1996)
Resident Evil (Movie, 2002)
Resident Evil 2 Apocalypse (Movie, 2004)
Resident Evil 3 Extinction (Movie, 2007)
Resident Evil 4 Afterlife (Movie, 2010)
Resident Evil 5 Retribution (Movie, 2012)
Resident Evil Damnation (Movie, 2012)
Zombieland (Movie, 2009)
Bio Zombie (Movie, 1998)
Killer Wave (TV Mini-Series, 2007)
MegaFault (Movie, 2009)
Flood (Movie, 2007)
Meteor Path to Destruction (Movie, 2009)
Meteor Apocalypse (Movie)
Meteor Storm (Movie, 2010)
Quantum Apocalypse (Movie)
The Storm (Movie)
Deep Impact (Movie, 1998)
2012 (Movie, 2009)
2012 Damnation (Movie)
2012 Doomsday (Movie)
Ice Twisters (Movie, 2009)
Ice 2020 (Movie, 2011)
Code 9 (Movie)
Catastrophe (Movie)
BBC End Day (Tv Series, 2005)
Category 6 - Day Of Destruction (2 part Tv Movie)
Category 7 - The End Of The World (2 part Tv Movie)
10.5 (Movie, 2004)
10.5 Apocalypse (Movie, 2006)
The Postman (Movie, 1997)
Waterworld (Movie, 1995)
Doomsday (Movie, 2008)
Post Impact (Movie, 2004)
After Earth (Movie)
Revolution (Tv Series, 2012, 2013)
World War Z (Movie, 2013)
Z Infection (Movie)
Z Nation (Tv Series, 2014-2018)
Daylights End (Movie, 2014)
Wyrmwood Road of the Dead (Movie, 2014)
Plan Z (Movie, 2016)
Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse (Movie, 2015)
Bokeh (Movie, 2017)
War of the Dead
Age of the Dead
War of the Worlds (Movie, 1953)
War of the Worlds (Tv Series, 1988-1990)
War of the Worlds (Movie, 2005) Spielberg
War of the Worlds (Movie, 2005) Pendragon Productions
War of the Worlds (Movie, 2005)  The Asylum
War of the Worlds II  (Movie, 2008)   The Asylum
Osombie (Movie, 2012)
Epidemic (Movie, 2017)
The Rain (Tv Series, 2018)
Bird Box (Movie, 2018)
Await Further Instructions (Movie, 2018)

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