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Life After People (2009)

Life after people... A Dark look at the world once we vanish. This series isn't about us, its about our world. A world we have shaped & damaged over time. This series (1 & 2) show the world without us as life goes on.. just not our lives unfortunately.

From nuclear disaster, to overgrown streets & buildings, its all falling apart without us around to fix it up, but then this is Life After People... so sit back and watch what happens to the world when we stop messing with it... and to think... for a long time after we are gone.. things we built are still causing damage.

I will add some screen shots at some stage in case the videos removed by the company hosting it.


You can watch the complete Series 1 & 2 here

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Zoo Animals out on their hunt & they don't understand that whole 
"be on your way.. this is my territory"
Infact they would rather eat you than argue with you.. and i am sure that after a while...
You may resort to eating them to..

These sort of series were all the rage leading up towards the so called ill fated 2012 and the so called Apocalypse.  Their was even shows such as BBC's 6 part mini series  "If The Oil Runs Out" and the National Geographic "The Earth Stops Spinning" to give us all varied ways of thinking just how bad things could go down & also how lucky we are...

  Seams odd how fast things can slide....

The Original Documentary:
UPC: 733961110906
ASIN: B001O1FS24
DVD Release Date: March 18, 2008
Run Time: 94 minutes.

The Complete First Season
UPC: 733961155303
ASIN: B002T4S41C
DVD Release Date: October 27, 2009
Run Time: 470 minutes.

The Complete Second Season
UPC: 733961221626
DVD Release Date: July 27, 2010.
Run Time: 425 minutes.

If you like this series, check out the National Geographic Aftermath Population Zero

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