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The Day of The Triffids (2009)

British DVD Cover
A more up to date modern take on John Wyndham's classic novel. Again this is a BBC production of the Triffid Invasion story and is based in England during the disaster.

As this was the Latest Version of this story at the time of writing this blog post, i have tried to also chart its history at the bottom of the post.

With the use of CGI, this version of the tail shows the triffids with a lot more movement than whats been done before and with more modern editing and visual effects gives this production a very modern look and feel to it.

The soundtrack composed by Alan D. Boyd fits this version of the story prity well and also brings this old classic more into the modern day with an all new moody thriller feel to it. His official Soundcloud Page features some of the music you can listen to free, as does his YouTube Channel Enjoy the links, hes prity good.

Now where were we.. o yes the series.. Well its more like a Movie to be honest, only its just under 3 hours long when watched in full. Aired in 2009 it was later released on the 1st of Febuary in 2010 on DVD, with a special feature "the making of"    It would of been nice to see a Special Edition of this released with more material, including the full soundtrack and a companion book. Maybe in the future they will, but i doubt it. Besides you can hear most the best bits of music on the composers 2 pages, so its not a total loss, also on YouTube (officially on the BBC YT Channel) Are the official BBC Teaser Trailers that were used to publicize the upcoming show.

Security Breach - The Day Of The Triffids - Day One Preview - BBC One
Skies Ablaze - The Day Of The Triffids - Day One Preview - BBC One 
Plane Crash - The Day Of The Triffids - Day One Preview - BBC One 

 I assume these two should of been listed as Day Two Preview (but their not)

Jo escapes Torrence - The Day of The Triffids Preview - BBC One
Genetic Mutation - The Day of The Triffids Preview - BBC One

I guess they realized just because its in two parts didn't mean it was over a period of 2 days :P

Clearly putting them directly on the DVD as extras would of been wasted space, but with today's technology, those trailers could of been on the disk using hidden chapter points that pointed to the scenes within the whole thing and then just the BBC Screen splashed at the end of the selected playback points...
..... the BBC need to remember fans love their Extras.

 Eddie Izzard oddly starred in this and played a really good part (i say that like im surprised) well i was to be honest, i find his comedy about 70% funny & that's being nice, its probably more like 62%.  That said.. ive only seen one stand up show & he was rambling and rather nervous, it had its funny moments.  His acting in this was spot on for the character he played and if you like him then its worth a watch just for that. In the 1981 six part series the character was just just credited as "Red-Haired Man" on imdb, but in the 2009 two part series he was named as Torrence.
...Originally played by Gary Olsen in the 1981 Series.

I was surprised to see they had Jason Priestly in this playing the role of Jack Coker, an American who is determined to get the sighted to help the blind.
As the great Pink Floyd once sung "it is the english way" and Jason being an American cut off from his own country & his own people. He felt truly at a loss at how the British with sight just deserted their own people who were blind. Prity much the same way the 80's character played it.

....Originally played by Maurice Colbourne in the 1981 series.
 Its a shame it was only in two parts because in the 1981 series when jacks off elsewhere no one really knows what he was up to, but i think the BBC wanted this version to be broken down and put together as a faster paced series which is understandable with the attention span of a high majority of today's audience.

Dougray Scott plays Bill Masen the triffid farm scientist, and the only one who realizes how big a threat the triffids will become if no one acts fast to stop them. Typically that hero character who is ignored by whoever is in charge, that is untill that point where its all to late for the human race.. then not only do they change their mind and want help but also expect advise, after knowingly letting millions of people die...

Bill's character in the 2009 release varies a lot compared to the 1981 portrayal of the character.
One difference for example, his father is still alive, also it was his mother who was stung by a triffid
when he was a child, and she died from it. He's blocked out most of that memory over the years,
yet when he realizes why and how he survived through a disturbing flashback,  it may just save him again...
....Originally played by John Duttine in the 1981 Series.

Joely Richardson plays the role of Jo "Josella" Playton in the 2009 version and again has a big change of character compared to the 1981 release.
Jo is a BBC radio presenter who has finally been allowed out the studio to cover a story for BBC Television and is her first real big break since radio.
She has no idea whats to come, but luckily for her she gets sent to Interview people waiting on underground train stations to go home rather than standing on the streets or roof tops like the many millions of others around the world to see natures fantastic light show as the comet passes by the earth in close proximity. Shes on the underground train platform when the majority of the world watching the skies goes blind.
...Originally played by Emma Relph in the 1981 Series.

 Brian Cox plays Bills father, Dennis Masen, who is also a triffid expert who has been working alone for years on triffids trying to communicate with them since before they killed his wife and even more so since then. He has been studying the triffids language for years and also has a triffid in captivity which is getting stronger and becoming more intelligent every day.  ..This character is not used in the 1981 Series.


Back Of Box:

A modern day adaptation of John Wyndham's best selling iconic novel, which brings his terrifying creation of carnivorous plant species to life in a CGI extravaganza, supported by a sensational all-star cast that includes Dougray Scott, Joely Richardson, Brian Cox, Eddie Izzard, vanessa Redgrave and Jason Priestley.
In this electrifying thriller, social order collapses as humanity faces a double catastrophe. The majority of the people have been blinded by a freak solar storm leaving them at the mercy of opportunists who still have sight.
Meanwhile the triffids (a sentient plantform) are evolving and advancing on the towns in search of human prey. In the face of human annihilation, it is down to a select few to take a stand against mankind's deadliest adversary, a foe with a fatal sting and an unquenchable taste for human flesh.

UPC Code:  5706102299162

UK UPC: 5706102299162
UK ASIN:  B002YPT7QM   /  B003UZDR70
USA ASIN:  B0047WU1YW   /   B004VT39K4

Lets look back at the history of this story:

The Day Of The Triffids (The Original John Wyndham Book-Novel, 1951)
The Day Of The Triffids (BBC Radio Production, ?? Part Series, 1953)
The Day Of The Triffids (BBC Radio Production, 6 Part Series, 30 minuets each, 1957)
The Day Of The Triffids (BBC Radio Production, 6 Part Series, 1968)
The Day Of The Triffids (The First Movie a British Film, 1962)
The Day Of The Triffids (BBC Radio Production, ?? Part Series,  1971)
The Day Of The Triffids (BBC Radio Production, ?? Part Series, 1973)
The Day Of The Triffids (BBC Radio Production, ?? Part Series, 1980)  
The Day Of The Triffids (BBC Television Production, 6 Part Series, 1981)
The Day Of The Triffids (BBC World Service, 2 Part Series, 60 minuets each, 2001)
The Night of the Triffids (The Sequel Book-Novel by Simon Clark,  2001)
The Night of the Triffids (Audio Book, read by Stephen Pacey 12 Hours 30 minuets total, 2002) 
The Day Of The Triffids (BBC Radio 7, 17-part unabridged, by Roger May, 2004) 
The Day Of The Triffids (BBC Television Production, 2 Part Series, 90 minuets each, 2009)
The Day Of The Triffids (BBC Audiobooks, 17-part, Read by Samuel West, 2011)

An audio editor in the UK took music from the 2009 series and dubbed it over a section of the "Night Of The Triffids" sequel book over on youtube, also added sound effects and ambiance, making the 2001 Audio story sound so much cooler, it can be heard here

An animation artist in the UK created 5 Triffid based videos for part of his uni studies in 2007, the 5 videos can be seen here (look for Triffid in the video names, and click more at the bottom to see the rest)

Day of the Triffids FaceBook Fan Page here

Check out the Info on the Six Part 1981 Series Here

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